Brendan Tierney School Of Motoring

Welcome to Brendan Tierney School Of Motoring.


May 2022 Update: Please note I don’t do evenings or weekend lessons (Except near test) and I am full until end of June.

My rate is €45 per hour (which includes FREE access to my video course) and I don’t offer any deals unfortunately.

Do check out my online video course for lots of help and tips.



“My aim is to educate as well as train pupils in a warm, friendly environment, whether it is in person or online.”

I am a qualified Driving Instructor in Sligo for over nine years and in that time, I have helped pupils with all sorts of different issues. From nervous pupils, (even one with a driving phobia) to people who were a few days from their test, I’ve worked with all situations.

I’ve set up this website and my online tutorials as I believe it is key to learn and study between lessons as well as on the road. At the same time, as I always say to pupils, it won’t mean hours of study, even a half hour each week will make a huge difference.