Brendan Tierney School Of Motoring

Welcome to Brendan Tierney School Of Motoring.


November 2022 Update: I am full for beginners at the moment. If you need 1 or 2 lessons near a test, I may be able to fit you in.

Please note I don’t do evenings or weekend lessons (Except near test). My general hours are Mon -Thur 11am-3pm. (These may not suit many of you). If you need to find a different instructor, click this link here . There are lots of great instructors.

Check out my TikTok (Click Here ) @learntodrivesligo for lots of advice and tips.

Do check out my online video course above for lots of help and tips.



“My aim is to educate as well as train pupils in a warm, friendly environment, whether it is in person or online.”

I am a qualified Driving Instructor in Sligo for over nine years and in that time, I have helped pupils with all sorts of different issues. From nervous pupils, (even one with a driving phobia) to people who were a few days from their test, I’ve worked with all situations.

I’ve set up this website and my online tutorials as I believe it is key to learn and study between lessons as well as on the road. At the same time, as I always say to pupils, it won’t mean hours of study, even a half hour each week will make a huge difference.